The Icon "Appearance Of The Virgin To Sergius Of Radonezh"

The Icon "Appearance Of The Virgin To Sergius Of Radonezh"
SKU: 325-15
Material: wood, oil, tempera, gold
Size: 40x30cm.
Age: 18th century
Country: Russia
Once, late at night, St Sergius (1314-1392) was reading an akathist to the Mother of God. Having a common rule, he sat down to relax a bit, but suddenly said to his cell attendant, St. Micah the († 6 may 1385): "watch, my child, we will have a great visit."

Scarcely had he uttered these words, as voice can be heard: "glory is coming". Sergius hurried from his cell into the hall, and suddenly it shone a bright light, a stronger sun. He saw shining in unspeakable glory of the mother of God accompanied by the apostles Peter and John. Unable to endure the wondrous light, Sergius reverently bowed before the Mother of God and She said to him: "fear Not, My izbrannica! I came to visit you. Do not grieve more about the disciples and about this place. Thy prayer is heard. Now everyone will be full of your residence, not only in the days of your life, but also after your departure to God will never abandon your house, giving her paskudno all needs and providing all needs." Having said that, the mother of God became invisible.
Long time St. Sergius was in an ineffable rapture, and, recovering himself, lifted the Reverend Micah. "Tell me, father, asked the lay brother, that it was a miraculous vision? from the horror of my soul almost parted from my body!" But Sergius was silent; only his shining face spoke of the spiritual joy which I experienced the Holy. "Stop a moment, finally he said to the disciple, until calm down my spirit from wondrous vision". After a while the monk Sergius summoned two of his disciples, Isaac and Simon, and told them the common joy, and hope. Together they made the moleben of the Mother of God. The rest of the night, St. Sergius was spent without sleep, listening to mind the divine vision.
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