The Icon Of The Mother Of God "Besedna"

The Icon Of The Mother Of God "Besedna"
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Material: wood, tempera, gilding, double ark
Size: 31х28см.
Age: late 17th-18th centuries
Country: Russia
Icon Of The Theotokos "Besedna"

Days of celebration: 27 August (14 August)

Besedna icon of the blessed virgin Mary is so called because it depicted the mother of God and St. Nicholas of Myra conversing with the sacristan George (nicknamed URIs). This event occurred soon after the appearance of the Tikhvin icon of the blessed virgin Mary, in 1383, when the MostHoly mother of God Herself commanded sacristan George to say that over novostroiki in Her honor the temple of the Tikhvin put a wooden cross, not an iron. In place of this phenomenon, a chapel was built in the name of Sainted Nicholas the Wonderworker. The chapel burned several times (and for the first time in 1390 at the same time with the temple, which was the Tikhvin icon of the blessed virgin Mary). In 1515, was built a wooden Church and a monastery founded in honor of this Holy icon.

The iconography of the story Besedni icon accurately reflects "the Legend". Holy mother of God is depicted sitting on a felled (sometimes growing) the tree covered with leaves or flowers, "scarlet scepter" in his right hand. Before the blessed virgin and St. Nicholas and the kneeling Sexton George.

Icon "Besedna" is an example of the availability of the virgin every mortal man, if he is sincere prayer coming from the soul that longs for divine communion. First, the story about the phenomenon of the Mother of God was placed on the stamps of the Tikhvin icon, and from the XVII century began to be displayed separately as icons, received the name "the Phenomenon of the mother of God and Saint Nicholas to Sexton Urisu".
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