“The Icon Of The Mother Of God Shuiskaya-Smolensk”

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The Icon Of The Mother Of God "Shuiskaya-Smolensk"
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Material: wood, tempera, gilding, ark 31х26,5cm.
Size: 31х26,5cm.
Age: 19th century
Country: Russia

The Shuiskaya-Smolenskaya icon is a waist – length image of the Mother of God with the Infant Jesus in her arms. The Savior sits on the right on the left hand of the virgin. The iconographic feature of Shuya icons that distinguish it from other icons of the Hodegetria, is a characteristic position of the arms and legs of the infant: his right leg is on the left knees, the heels He supports with his left hand. In the right hand of Christ is holding a folded scroll. The right hand of the mother of God supports the child's left leg.
The history of appearance of the wonderworking image of the mother of God of Smolensk Shuya associated with the epidemic plague that struck the city of Shuya in 1654. Legend of the icon reports that the parishioners of the Church of the Resurrection offered to write a new image of the virgin Hodegetria of Smolensk "in the deliverance from the sufferings of poverty and misery". The writing of new icons was requested to iconographer Gerasim Tikhonovich Ikonnikov in 1655. The icon size of RB 110.7 x 88,7 cm was placed in a local number to the left of the Royal doors of the iconostasis of the resurrection Cathedral in the town of Shuya. Soon the disease stopped, and the icon continued to work wonders. The unusual iconography of the Legend explained the first miracle that occurred from the icon several times, when the painter tried to make the image of the mother of God the Smolensk icon painting according to the original, miraculously changed the position of the hands and feet of the infant Christ. Not daring more to correct what he saw, he considered it a miracle and a clear manifestation of divine Providence, and reported the incident to his superiors and the townspeople. The people were amazed and afraid of such a miracle, and reverently glorify God. Painter finished the icon such as herself was nachitalas. By the decree of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich of July 21, 1667, and with the blessing of Patriarch Josaphat, Shuya was sent to the Commission with the aim of establishing the authenticity of the miracles. The truth of miracles has been confirmed and described, and the icon got the name "Smolensk-Shuyskaya mother of God". Since that time, the icon is officially venerated as miraculous. In 1922 in Shuya Shuya miraculous icon of the virgin was removed from the temple, and since then her whereabouts are not known.
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