Icon Mother Of God Vladimirskaya
Item number: 39-13
Author: Assay master A. Svechin
Material: wood, oil, velvet, silver 84 samples, embossing, gilding, Kyoto
Size: 22,5x17,5 cm
Age: 1865.
Country: Russia, Moscow
The icon of the mother of God "Vladimir" in a silver oklad and kiot. Salary-silver, embossing, engraving, pointille, gilding, crowbar. Hallmarks: on the crown and on the lower side of salary: in the panel "AC/1865" assay master A. Svechin), the assay mark "84" shield, "Moscow coat of arms" shield master "FROM" in the dashboard. Salary in a very good state of preservation. An icon is also in very good preservation. Russia, second third of the XIX century.
The painting of the faces has a great skill, elegance and grace of execution.
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