Icon "the Menaion of December", XIX century

Icon "the Menaion of December", XIX century
Icon without restoration. Dimensions: without frame - 52х45 cm; in Kyoto - 65х56 see Russia, XIX century.

The monthly Menaion contains services with variable fixed prayers for worship year round: i.e., for all days of 12 months.
With each passing day, month and year the Church unites any particular memory: it celebrates an event from the history of the Church of Christ and approval of the right faith, doing the memory of any Saint, and often in a single day two and three. For all these commemorations the Church has appointed a special following, which are Monthly Minee. The Menaion is divided into 12 parts, the number of months, having each one or more succession. From this division, only the name of the Menaion (from the Greek. word from ur|v a month).
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