“The icon the burning Bush” Holy mother of God ( Vasnetsovskie letters); Central Russia XIX century.”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
The icon “the burning Bush” Holy mother of God ( Vasnetsovskie letters); Central Russia, XIX century.
Board, tempera. Sizes: 35,5х36 see Central Russia, XIX century.

In Church hymns
The mother of God is often compared to the burning Bush (burning thorns
Bush) which saw Moses on mountain Horiv (the Outcome, Chapter 3, verse 2). The similarity
between the burning Bush and the Mother of God is that as
ot Bush remained unharmed during the fire engulfed her, and
The blessed virgin Mary, who gave birth to Jesus Christ, before Christmas and after was
The icon "the unburnt Bush" is portrayed in
the octagonal star consisting of two sharp quadrangles with the
the concave ends. One of them is red in color, reminding him of the fire,
enveloped Moses saw Kupina; the other is green, indicating
the natural color of the Bush, which she kept, enveloped in burning flames. In
the middle of an octagonal star, as though in Kupina, depicts the virgin with
The Pre-Eternal Infant. At the corners of the red quadrangle depicts a man,
a lion, a bull and an eagle symbolizing the four evangelists. In the hands of the blessed virgin
ladder, lean the top end to Her shoulder. The ladder means that in
The virgin on the ground the Son of God, bringing into Heaven all who believe in Him.
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