Icon “Hodegetria”. Russia, 1859
The salary 84. Assay master, E. B. Tempera on Board. Dimensions: without frame - 24х29 cm with kiot - 36х40 see St. Petersburg, 1859

10 August (28 July, old style) is celebrated Smolensk
the icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria".
She is revered as a living unfailing source of grace and
as teacher (directress) in the path to salvation. In the iconography of the Hodegetria,
created by Apostle Luke, the virgin is represented to the waist, standing straight with
the infant Christ in her left hand and pointing right at Him. Mother of God
would forms the throne on which sits Her Son in the likeness of the Almighty, one
hand He holds a scroll – symbol of the Universe, the other blesses His creation. In
this icon the mother of God draws all of us to the Lord as the only way
of salvation, and at the same time, the gesture Her hands in prayer. She is an intercessor and
predstatelnoy before God for the whole world, and She is given a special boldness: She
holds in Its hands cannot fit God, the Lord of heaven and earth.
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