Icon "St. Nicholas"(Disgusting)
SKU: 392-16
Material: wood, gesso, tempera, gilding
Size: 41х34см.
Age: 19th century
Country: Russia
The image of St. Nicholas, the type of Disgusting, is a rare and little-known iconographic type.

A shoulder-length image of St. Nicholas, the type of Disgusting, has a number of features. SV. Nicholas represented with large eyes, sloping to the left pupils and a slight turn of the head to the right. His head is enlarged and closer to the edge of the Board that lends psychological tension and a huge power of influence. Often the icon depicted the fingers of hands blessing of the Saint, in a gesture that can be seen as a reminder or warning.

Icon of St. Nicholas of Disgusting appear before the end of the XVIII — beginning of XIX century.

The value of this image like and also cling to him from evil and all filthiness is laid in his name "Disgusting."
The origin of this image is unclear. Icon of St. Nicholas was Disgusting common in the old believers ' environment, showing once again the famous miraculous image after the division of the churches.
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