Inga Zagorskaya. God is love.

Location:Moldova, Tiraspol
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Inga Zagorskaya. God is love.
The energy of the high vibration that is called Love in all its divine manifestation, nourishes every mortal an inexhaustible source of Life. Love moves the world, love kindles the heart, love is genuine, love is part of God, each of us, and the totality of all things. The energy of the Cosmos opens our chakras, helping to get closer to the Truth and the world balance. This is love of life itself.
About the artist
☺️Вольный художник
☯ Рисую в стиле "метареализм" и не только;
☯ Работаю в паре со своим альтер эго;
☯ Занимаюсь просветлением творческого разума.
  • 27.03.2018 «ПА, духовность, рок-н-ролл»., Гражданский Клуб #19, город Тирасполь