Inga Zagorskaya. God is an astronaut

Location:Moldova, Tiraspol
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Inga Zagorskaya. God is an astronaut
Who plays our destinies? Who tries on the role of the observer, the Punisher or the Messiah? What Higher power made a bet today? Will humanity be able to win back its right to a carefree life, or the Gods wish to reset their offspring, taking away all chances of winning? And do we really need this win us? Who deserve it? In the eyes, looking skyward, emerging more and more questions, and with each era, the answer becomes less...
About the artist
☺️Вольный художник
☯ Рисую в стиле "метареализм" и не только;
☯ Работаю в паре со своим альтер эго;
☯ Занимаюсь просветлением творческого разума.
  • 27.03.2018 «ПА, духовность, рок-н-ролл»., Гражданский Клуб #19, город Тирасполь