Isachenko, V. P., “Crayfish”, 1996

Isachenko, V. P., “Crayfish”, 1996
Artist Isachenko V. P. Size: unframed - 31,5х41,5 cm; with the frame - 37,5х48 5 cm of Belarus, 1996, V. p. Isachenko (born. April 20, 1956) is a famous Belarusian artist.
Born in the GP Kostyukovka, Gomel region of Belarus. In 1975 graduated from Minsk art College named. Glebova, in 1983, the Belarusian theatre and art Institute. Studied at T. Ignatenko, A. Maliszewski, Vladimir Tovstik. Participant of art exhibitions since 1976. Member of the Belarusian Union of artists and the International Guild of painters.
Vladimir Isachenko works in easel painting in the genre of landscape, still life, portraits, book graphics. For work is characterized by strong drawing, composition skills and emotional saturation. Recent years, works mainly on the creation of Orthodox icons.
From 1992 to October 2009 worked as a head teacher-teacher at children's art school № 1 im. V. K. Tsvirko (Minsk). Today is a free artist. Living in the city of Minsk.
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