“The A. A. Isachev Dryad 1983”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
The A. A. Isachev, "Dryad", 1983
Catalogue work, p. 206. Artist Isachev Alexander (1955 - 1987) Color pencil, paper. Dimensions: without frame and Passepartout - 53,5х35 cm; with frame and Passepartout - 71х53 see the BSSR, 1983

Alexander A. Isachev, Belarus. Aliaksandr Anatolievch SACO (1955-1987) — Belarusian painter, graphic artist.

G. p. was born in Ozarichi, Kalinkovichi district, Gomel region of Belarus on 11 January 1955. Later the family moved to the city of Rechitsa, Gomel region. From 5-th to 8-th class I studied at the Republican boarding school for music and art for gifted children in Minsk. Despite excellent grades in visual art, was expelled from school. Back in Rechitsa, received his secondary education in Rechytsa the evening school for working youth and began working in building construction management.

In early 1973, went to Leningrad. Participated in two exhibitions of Leningrad artists of non-traditional areas (1974, 1975).

Creativity can be divided into two periods.

1973 — 1 half of 1975 — the period of formation. The artist got acquainted with the Leningrad avant-garde artists and painting. In the works are viewed surrealist and abstract motifs.
Since 1975, in the works Isachev was manifested classic style. He mastered the technique scumbling smooth writing. In the work the artist has focused on the classical European painters. The main subjects of his works were biblical. He pursued Oriental studies, studied myths of the world, poetry of India, China and Japan.
In 1987 he held his first solo exhibition in Rechitsa. Less than a month later, the artist died of a heart attack.

During his life Alexander Isachev was created about 500 paintings, most of which was exported abroad in Sweden, Germany, France, Israel and the United States. Some paintings were stolen from the artist's widow.
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