The painting “John the Baptist” Isachev A. A. 1979.

The painting “John the Baptist” Isachev A. A. 1979.
Catalogue work, p. 22. Artist Isachev Alexander (1955 - 1987) oil on Canvas. Dimensions: 32х29см. BSSR, 1979.

Alexander Isachev (1955-1987). Belarusian artist, born in the village of Ozarichi in Gomel region. He then moved with his family in Rechitsa. From 5-th to 8-th class I studied in a school for gifted children, but despite excellent grades, he was expelled due to the fact that in 12 years she dyed her hair with henna. Finished the regular night school and got a job as a plasterer-painter. In 1973 he moved to Leningrad where he gets in zelenkhoz. There to meet collector George Mikhailov, who bought several works Isachev. Soon, the artist lost his job and thanks to Mikhailov was able to continue to live in Leningrad. But soon that was arrested and he had to emigrate from the USSR with more than 90 works Isachev. Alexander returned to Rechitsa, where on 14 November 1987 and held his first solo exhibition. It was visited by over 20 thousand people. This exhibition became a sensation in the cultural life. Yes, and the Isachev was happy that he finally recognized. Three days later he died of a heart attack.
A large part of Catherine Alexander Isachev, did not find recognition in their own country, was exported abroad. Today they can be seen in the galleries of Western Europe, in private
collections. They are expensive to buy.
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