Kasli,1916. "Spring with Cupid". Kasli, 1916.

Kasli,1916. "Spring with Cupid". Kasli, 1916.
The Sculptor E. M. Falcone Molder V. Shamolin. Cast iron, Dutch soot. Dimensions: 51х28,5 × 20 cm kaslinskiy Zavod, Russia, 1916. E. - M. Falconet - French sculptor. He worked in easel and monumental sculpture, and decorative arts. Created a model for the Sevres porcelain manufactory, where about ten years he was the chief artist. By order of the Russian Empress Catherine II created a monument to Peter I in St. Petersburg (bronze horseman).

The model of the sculptural group "Spring with Cupid" is made in 1757 - 1766. for the sèvres porcelain manufactory in the style of Rococo.

The round shaped stand depicts a young barefoot woman in a short open dress, with a flower basket in the right thigh, with a wide sash in the raised left hand. To her left the figure of Cupid, standing on a large leaf, growing at the foot of the column-like structure of stones on the top of which lies the pitcher. Cupid with right hand holds the bow, left, reaches out to the jet of water flowing from the jug.

Spring is an allegory of youth and spring awakening of nature in the image of a girl with flowers.

Amour (Cupid; gr. - Eros) - in Roman mythology the son of Mars and Venus, the deity of love and passion; depicted as a winged boy with bow and arrow, which caused the love in the hearts of men and gods.

The Kasli factory casts a group since the beginning of the twentieth century.
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