Catalogue Kudrevich, R. V. "Forest bells", XX century.

Catalogue Kudrevich, R. V. "Forest bells", XX century.
Artist - Raisa Kudrevich V. (1919 - 2000) - people's artist of Belarus. Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 50x70 cm of Belarus of the XX century, Raisa V. Kudrevich (Belarus. Rasa Uljan Kudrev) (1919-2000) — painter, honoured worker of the BSSR, people's artist of Belarus since 1999. The daughter of the famous Belarusian artist Vladimir Kudrevich. He graduated from the Vitebsk art school in 1941.

1943 — the participant of Republican, all-Union and International art exhibitions. Since 1946 — member of the artists Union of the USSR. Many patterns co-wrote with her husband – the Honored worker of arts of Belarus Adolf Samuilovich by Gugel.

Worked in the genres of thematic painting, landscape, still life, portrait. In watercolors he created a series of urban landscapes result mnogochislennyh trips around the country and abroad.
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