Catalogue Of Salesuk N. M. "From the books Minkevich", 1973

Catalogue Of Salesuk N. M. "From the books Minkevich", 1973
The artist Salesuk Nikolai Mikhailovich (1947 - 1996). Graphics. Dimensions: with frame and Passepartout - 29х29 see Byelorussian SSR, 1973
Nikolai Mikhailovich Salesuk (Belarus. Mkali Mailav Selyashchuk; 4 Aug 1947, Velikorita, Malorita district — September 25, 1996, Italy) — Soviet artist.
He studied at the art school in Brest under the direction of Peter Danelia, in the Minsk art school (1965-1970, Department of painting). After service in the Soviet army, he graduated from the Belarusian theatre and art Institute (1970-1976, Department of graphics) Paul Lubomudrov, Petrovich Vasily Sharangovich. Member of the Belarusian Union of artists since 1977.

Worked in book and easel, easel painting, painting and exlibris.

The first years of his life he devoted to the chart, Nicholas Salesuk created a large number of easel paintings and book illustrations. In the 1980s, the years came and decorated them children's books: a collection of folk tales, "the Gift of parents", a separate edition of the tales "Strive for more", a book of poems Gregory Baradulin "Indukala-Medicale". Significant labor Salasuka in this direction was the design of the poem of Yakub Kolas "Simon the music" (1990). Nicholas Salesuk also issued books of poetry, "Listen to heart", "Such a short summer," Raisa Borovikova, "the Time of love and pity," Eugene anemic, "smile for me" the Yankees Sipkova, "Treasure" Zmitrok Badali and others.

A special feature of the artistic compositions will have a detailed allegory, body metaphor, symbolism. Nicholas Salesuk sought the creation of images, ideas, and his paintings, according to critics, reminiscent of the theatre. The artist used the elements of surrealism, fantasy and the grotesque. Book graphics artist full of decorative details, fantastic images, household items and clothing.

Since 1966, participated in exhibitions. In the late 1970's and early 1980s he exhibited paintings. In 1987, in Grodno held a personal exhibition. Works were exhibited in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Canada, USA, Greece, Spain, Indonesia, Belgium, France, Sri Lanka, Japan, Finland, Germany, great Britain, Portugal.

Paintings and drawings of Nicholas Salasuka stored in the National art Museum of Belarus, Museum of modern fine arts of Belarus collection of Belarusian Union of artists, the Mogilev regional Museum named Paul Maslennikova, the State Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, Museum of Modern art Equatorial Guinea, the Gallery Kostaki in Athens (Greece), gallery Hagelstam in Helsinki (Finland), salon Light Kaplinskaja in Toronto (Canada), business centre, Minneapolis (USA), the Museum of contemporary Russian art in new Jersey (USA), as well as in private collections of Belarus, Greece, France, Finland, Canada, USA, Israel, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Germany.

Nicholas Salesuk was awarded the State prize of Belarus (1992) for a series of graphic works "the Saints" ("Christmas Carols", "Cry of spring", "Vrbnica"), the series of paintings "My Belarus", illustration for the book "Simon the music" by Yakub Kolas and "Tales of Belarusian writers". Awarded 18 diplomas and premiums of Republican, all-Union and international competitions of the book. For illustrations to fairy tales of Belarusian writers was awarded a gold medal and diploma Biennale of book illustrations in Bratislava (1989).
Died September 25, 1996, drowned in the Tyrrhenian sea during a trip to Italy.
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