“The painting We are the shadow no one will hear” Romanticism Mythological 2018

$ 1 001
Location: Ukraine, Киев
Katarina Orlova. The painting "We are the shadow, no one will hear"
The film was made in the allegorical genre in the style of romanticism on the topic of the Cossacks-harakternyk (pilgrims) with the epic title "We are the shadows, no one will hear." The size of the picture 103Х80см ( 4.5 cm), oil.
The picture is completely fit into the interior of country style with a solid fireplace "tarugado" Sandstone, or natural stone. Phone 0639871027
ID: 12780
Artist: Katarina Orlova (b. 1987)
Year of manufacture: 2018
Size: 80 x 4,5 x 103 cm
Art style: Romanticism
Historical era:
Genre: Mythological

Information about the artist

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