“A. M. Kischenko Male portrait 1970s”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
A. M. Kischenko "Male portrait", 1970s
Artist: Alexander Kishchenko M. (1933 - 1997) - people's artist of the BSSR. Canvas on plywood, oil. Dimensions: 37х40 see Belarus, 1970

Alexander Kischenko Belarusian painter, master of tapestry, teacher, people's artist of the Byelorussian SSR (1991), honored worker of arts of the BSSR (1980) was born on 13 may 1933 in the village of White Well Bogucharsky district of Voronezh region. Bogucharsky district is the birthplace of the people's artist of Belarus Alexander Kishchenko
kyschenko, the Creator of the Belarusian school of monumental tapestry. Born in D. White Well the Voronezh region (Russia). Graduated from Lviv state Institute of decorative and applied art (1960). Creative activity began in Lviv, Kiev, lived and worked in Minsk since 1963 1963-1970 he was a teacher of the Belarusian theatre and art Institute. In art exhibitions participated since 1961 Worked in monumental and easel painting, in tapestry.

Works in monumental art:

painting "Relay of generations" (1973, with M. Sawicki) in the sanatorium "Belarus" in Miskhor, the Crimean region.

the mosaic composition on the facade of the hotel "Tourist" (1973), "October" at the administrative building at Jubilee square (1975)

4 panels ("City warrior", "City of Sciences", "City of culture", "City-Builder") at the ends of the residential neighborhood East (1978, all in Minsk).

Played an important role in reviving the art of tapestry in Belarus.

Metaphorical symbolism, interesting color and composition solution allocate tapestries "a Person perceives the world" (1970, with A. Beltyukova, G. Gorbunov) in the lobby of the hotel "Tourist", "angelina" (1971), "Morning. The awakening" (1972), "the Legend about Belarusian partisans" (1972, from Beltyukova), Music (1975) in the hall of the Minsk music College, USSR." The stages of the struggle and victories" (1979, with Savitsky; State prize of the BSSR, 1980) for meeting room in the building of the Central Committee of the PBC, tapestry-curtain for the State theatre of musical Comedy, "Fatherland" (both 1980), "My native land" for the Museum of the great Patriotic war in the city of Boguchar of the Voronezh region (1981, with Beltyukova), tapestry curtain and 6 tapestries for the foyer ("Belarus", "Music","Space", "Revolution", "Belarus", "Pesnyary", "Skorina") of the State Opera and ballet theatre of the BSSR (1978-1985 gg.), "Belarus Pesnyary" and "Hymn of Release" for Belarusian theater. Y. Kolas in Vitebsk (1984-1985).

"Tapestry of the century" — a unique piece of kyschenko, made of wool (handmade). "The Gobelin of the century" was first presented to the public in 1996 For this work the artist was awarded the State prize of Belarus. Unique canvas made in the Guinness Book of records as the largest tapestry in the world, recognized as a national treasure. The cloth size is 19x14 feet author depicted the most famous personalities of the past and present, and events of the universe: Noah's ark, Christ and Antichrist, the Kremlin, the Pope, Churchill, Gorbachev, Stalin, Hemingway, Castro (depicts more than 80 portraits). In one corner of the tapestry the author has painted his own portrait and the face of the Belarusian President. The main intent of the artist was focused in portraits of political figures, and in the Central tapestry — give, interpreted the conflict between Christ and Antichrist. Work on the creation of "Tapestry of the century" lasted five years. The product exhibited on public display a few times. Interesting image-plastic solutions inherent in the works "Girl with sunflowers" (1968), "Chairman. 1943" (1970), "Komsomol 1970s", "Fire fathers" (both 1972), "Hopelandic" (1975), "Youth" (1976), "Anthem feat" (1977), "Sunday" (1979), "Spill life" (1980), "My contemporaries" (1981), portraits of the art critic J. Kramarenko (1972), artist Z. Litvinova and N. Marchenko (1976), son (1978), people's artist of the USSR Elena Obraztsova (1982), etc.

Kishchenko is one of the famous artists of Belarus of the XX century, whose works have enriched the Treasury of national art, became the property of Russian culture. Part of the paintings is in the art museums of Belarus and Russia, the Tretyakov gallery and in private collections of family F. Mitterrand, B. Clinton, of the composer Sviridov. The diversity of artistic talent kyschenko was expressed not only in painting but also in poetry, prose, and most vividly in the monumental art: a mosaic, a large-scale tapestry. These tapestries, a kind of monument masherovsky era. Its woven pattern is located in the building of the presidential administration of Belarus, in the hall of the United Nations (new York), Belarusian state musical theatre and the Belarusian Opera and ballet theatre. Borisov decorative arts named after Kishchenko.
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