Kovalev A. F. “Street in Kaluga”, 1990.

Kovalev A. F. “Street in Kaluga”, 1990.
Artist Kovalev Anatoly Fedorovich (1926 - 2015). Oil on cardboard. Sizes: 15,5х23, see Belarus 1990 Kovalev Anatoly Fedorovich (1926 - January 2015). - artist, designer and educator. The participant of the great Patriotic war.
PhD (1973), Professor (1992). The author of the first dissertation in the Byelorussian SSR design.
A. F. Kovalev was born on 10 may 1926 in dovhopillya village (present.
agro-town, the center village Council) gorodoksky district, Vitebsk region.
At the age of 17 along with his friend moved from the occupied territory
the front line near Vitebsk and was in 61st guards rifle regiment.
the Combat path finished on the banks of the Elbe.
In 1958 Anatoly graduated from Leningradskoe higher art-industrial school named after V. Muhina.
Since 1963 in the Vitebsk pedagogical Institute. In 1959-1964 he head of the Department of decorative arts art-graphic faculty.
Awarded with orders of red Star and Patriotic war I
degree, the medal "For the capture of Berlin", "For victory over Germany". In
peace awarded the order of Honour, the badge "excellence in public education
the BSSR".The artist's works were exhibited at the
international, all-Union, Republican and regional art,
exhibitions. His works are in the Hermitage Museum, Ulyanovsk art Museum, the national art Museum in Minsk, in the Belarusian Museum of the great Patriotic war, the Vitebsk regional
Museum and others. Kovalev worked in different genres, odnoklubnik considered landscape.
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