Kozlovskiy A. S. “COUNTRY SUBURB” of XX century

Kozlovskiy A. S. “COUNTRY SUBURB” of XX century
Artist - A. S. Kozlovsky Russian school. Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: 20х24,Byelorussian SSR 5 cm, XX V. KOZLOVSKY, ALEXANDER STEPANOVICH was BORN on 27 JANUARY 1923.
Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.
Honored worker of culture of the Byelorussian SSR, Professor.
Place of residence - Minsk.
Works are in National art. the Museum of the Republic of Belarus, the funds of the FRF, the Museum of modern. Fig. the is-VA in Minsk, Mogilev hood. the Museum of P. Maslennikov, Vologda hood. the Museum in Russia.
AddressРаритетЪKomsomolskaja, 8220029 MinskByelorussia
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