Kseniia Rovenets. "Lion"

Location:Ukraine, Kiev
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Kseniia Rovenets. "Lion"
Material - oil on Canvas
Leo (lat. Panthera leo) — species of carnivorous mammals, one of four members of the genus Panther (Panthera) belonging to the subfamily of big cats (Pantherinae) as part of the cat family (Felidae).
The species originally evolved in Africa about 800,000 — 1 million years ago.
Along with the tiger is the largest of the living cats, the weight of some males can reach 250 kg.
The historical range of the lion was much wider than the modern: in the early middle ages the lion was met in all areas of Africa except deserts and rainforest, it can also be seen in the middle East, Iran and even in some places of southern Europe
Until the late Pleistocene, about 10,000 years ago, lions were the most widespread large mammals on Earth after man!!!
Males are not only considerably larger than females, but both have a mane, which in some subspecies reaches a large development and covers the shoulders, back and chest. The colouring of the lion is yellow-grey with different shades, the mane is often the same color as the skin, but can be dark, even black. Subspecies of the lion are determined largely by the color of their mane. With the exception of the mane, the hair on the body of the beast is short, only at the end of the tail has a tassel of long hair.
The lions — beyond the predators, that is, occupy the top position in the food chain.
Leo is one of the main places in human culture. Images of these animals are known from Paleolithic times, as evidenced by rock paintings in the caves of Lascaux and Chauvet.
Lions were popular in the culture in ancient times and middle Ages, they were reflected in sculpture, paintings, on national flags, coats of arms, in the myths, literature and movies.
You saw its reflection in this picture? I am very happy!
About the artist
Родилась в 1980 году. Окончила графический факультет в Киевском государственном институте декоративно – прикладного
искусства и дизайна 1996 — 2001, 2005

2005 - Участие в художественной выставке «Николай Лихошва и его ученики» в Украине.

2009 – Персональная выставка «Жизнь» в Украине.

2011 – Участие в художественной выставке «Весенний ноктюрн»в Украине.

2011 - Участие во всеукраинской художественной выставке ко дню художника в Украине.

Свободно владеет всеми навыками в области реалистического и абстрактного искусства, а также декоративно-прикладного искусства.

Обучает взрослых и детей основам живописи и рисунка более 15 лет.
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