Kubarev Vyacheslav Georgievich. “Before the rain”, 1978

Kubarev Vyacheslav Georgievich. “Before the rain”, 1978
Artist Kubarev Vyacheslav Georgievich. Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: 40х38 see the BSSR, 1978 KUBAREV VYACHESLAV GEORGIEVICH (12.07.1931 — 05.07.1995)
Born in the village of Kochevo Yaransk district of the Kirov region (Russia). After seven years, showing a penchant for drawing, and in 1946, he enrolled in
Gorky art school, which he finished only in 1957, since five years (1950 to 1955) served in the Baltic fleet. From 1957 to 1963 he studied in the art faculty of VGIK from such artists as F. Bogorodsky, Y. I. Pimenov, S. M. Kamanin, A. G. Myasnikov and others In 1963 on the distribution arrived in Minsk on a film Studio "Belarus-film", which is connected with all his further creative life. As an art Director participated in the creation of 35 feature films and TV movies. Actively worked in the field of thematic paintings, lyrical landscape, still life. The works of V. G. Kubarev are stored in the National art Museum, the Museum of modern art and other Museum collections of the Republic of Belarus, in private collections in country and abroad. Honored art worker of the BSSR (1981).
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