SKU: 246-17
Author: master Sazikov
Material: silver 84 samples, casting, gilding
Size: h 59cm.
Weight: 326гр.
Age: 19th century
Country: Russia, Moscow
"Sazikov" is one of the oldest jewelry firms in Russia. The name of the founder of Pavel Fedorovich Sazikov, merchant, 3rd Guild master of a small workshop in Moscow, known since 1793. In 1810 he already owned a factory for the manufacture of a wide variety of silver jewelry, and in 1842 opened a branch in St. Petersburg.
Firm Sazikov was one of the best Russian jewelry firms in the mid-nineteenth century, received diplomas, small and large medals at the national exhibitions of artistic and industrial goods in 1835, 1849, 1853, 1861 and 1865, as well as a gold medal and the Legion of honor for participation in the world fairs in London in 1851 and in Paris in 1867.
And in 1837, she received the title of court supplier.
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