Moose E. G. "Still Life.A variety of home colors", 2009

Moose E. G. "Still Life.A variety of home colors", 2009
Artist - Moose Elena G. (1933, Vilnius – 2013). Oil on canvas. Sizes: 42,5x50 cm of Belarus, 2009.

Elena Bonner was born on 22 Jan 1933 in Vilnius. In 1955 he graduated from Vilnius state art Institute. He studied under I. Kuzminskii, V. cerniauskaite. From 1956 to 1957 he worked as an artist at the Higher party school and at the publishing house of the Lithuanian SSR, and later moved to Minsk. She is the artist of the Belarusian Soviet painting and graphics. Member of the Belarusian Union of artists since 1963, member of the Union of artists of the USSR.
The work of Elena Bonner are in the National art Museum of Belarus, the State Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), memorial Museum of A. Pushkin (Moscow), Literary museums of Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas (Minsk), the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, as well as in private collections.
In Republican, Union and foreign exhibitions participates since 1960. Awarded a bronze medal VDNH, next to the diplomas of the Republican and all-Union competitions for the best design books. In 2003 the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus was awarded with the medal of Francysk Skaryna, a number of diplomas of Republican and all-Union competitions for the best design of the book.
His favorite themes for his works - lithographs, linocuts, and color illustrations to the Belarusian folk tales and books, Elena Bonner draws from the Belarusian folklore. Lives and works in Minsk (Belarus). Works in easel and book graphics. Known as a painter of children's books.
Elena G. has created a series of illustrations based on "the Word about Igor's regiment", reproduced in the book: "Words of PRA Pahad Harawi" (V. A. Kamerick Minsk, 1986.); she also owns the design of this book. Diploma work - illustrations to fairy tale "the Count and the laundress" by P. Zwirki. Illustrations for books: p. P. Yershov "the humpbacked Horse"; Salten, F. Bambi; Mamin-Sibiryak D. N. "Cabin on the icy"; V. Dragoon "Deniskin stories", etc.

Literature about the artist-Illustrator E. G. Moose
The Artists Of The Soviet Belarus. Mn.: Belarus, 1976
Belarusian easel grafica. Mn.: Belarus, 1978

List of books illustrated by E. G. Moose
Mamin-Sibiryak D. N. The cabin to jelly: stories and story [primary school age] /D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak; [art. E. G. Moose].- Minsk Yunatstva, 1984.- 80 C.

Dragoon V. Deniskin stories / V. Dragoon; artist. E. Elk.-Minsk Yunatstva, 1987. - 304 p.

Popova E. Tick goes to Africa /E. Popov; artist. E. Elk.- Minsk, Mastatskaya Literatura, 1973

Kamerick V. A. Words of PRA Pahad Harawi (lay) / V. A. Kamerick.- Minsk: Mast. LT., 1986

Salten, F. Bambi: a forest tale: [primary school age] / F. Salten; a retelling with a German Yuri Nagibin; [art. E. Moose]

Was Egor through a yard: tongue twisters: [for preschool / compiled by L. M. Sukach; artist. E. Moose]

Moose E. G. Ten days in the line/ E. G. Elk; artist. E. Moose
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