Design Painting “Mermaid Mermaid”, Canvas, Oil paint, Impressionist, Landscape painting, 2016

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Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
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Ludmila Riabkova. Mermaid Mermaid
Picture “Mermaid”, oil, canvas 19.7x27.56 inches, 2016. Written based on V. Nizovtsev.
Covered by a varnish that protects from damages and gives the chance of damp cleaning from dust.
Suitable for both the nursery and the parents' bedroom. Lanterns on green water create a natural glow effect.
That's very beautiful.
The painting is sold without a decorative frame. If you desire you can order the frame matching your interior in your own local frame store.

The painting "mermaid", oil on canvas 50x70 cm, 2016, based on the V. Nizovtseva. The ends are dyed, you can not use the baguette.
Lacquering that protects from damage and gives the possibility of wet cleaning from dust.
Is suitable in the nursery and in the parents ' bedroom. Lanterns on the green water create the effect of a natural glow. It is very beautiful.
The ends of the painted picture, you can not use a baguette. The thread is fixed, can be directly hung on the wall.
ID: 22523
Artist: Ludmila Riabkova (b. 1973)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2016
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 2 x 70 x 50 cm
Framing: Unframed
Art style: Impressionist
Historical era:
Genre: Landscape painting, Marine, Mythological
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Delivery method: Postal service
Purchase returns: 7 days
Object type: Design Painting, Painting
Keywords: Body, Nude, Water, Women

Information about the artist

I`m Lyudmila Ryabkova. I was born in 1973 in Kiev, Ukraine.
I graduated technical college and got second higher economic education. I studied at the privat art studio of Ukrainian professional artist. My works find feedback from people, they are bought, it inspires me very much. My workshop is equipped right in my house and it makes possible to work every day. This is the most beautiful thing that happens to me.