Design Painting “Water lily Pink lotus Water lily”, Canvas, Oil paint, Impressionist, Landscape painting, 2019

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Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
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Ludmila Riabkova. Water lily Pink lotus Water lily
Interior painting "Water lilies", canvas 19.7x23.6 inches, oil. Written at 2019.
Textured willow color of young greens, pink lilies on a black background, giving a bright purple reflection, a stream of delicate blue water with highlights.
Here everything is in contrasts, everything turns and attracts attention.
In ancient Greece Water lilies was a symbol of beauty and eloquence. Young girls wove garlands of them, decorated their heads and tunics.
There was such a belief: at night the water lilies descend into the water and turn into beautiful mermaids, and with the advent of the sun, the mermaids turn into flowers again. In ancient times, the water lily was even called the mermaid flower.

Интерьерная картина «Водные лилии», холст 50х60см, масло. Написана в 2019 году.
Фактурная ива цвета молодой зелени, розовые лилии на черном фоне, дающие яркое фиолетовое отражение, поток нежной голубой воды с бликами. Здесь все на контрастах, все обращает и привлекает внимание. Идеально впишется как в офисный интерьер, так и домашний.
Торцы картины прокрашены, можно не использовать багет. Нить закреплена, можно сразу вешать на стену.
ID: 22572
Artist: Ludmila Riabkova (b. 1973)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2019
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 2 x 50 x 60 cm
Framing: Unframed
Art style: Impressionist
Historical era:
Genre: Landscape painting
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Object type: Design Painting, Painting
Keywords: Abstract, Flowers, Plants, Water

Information about the artist

I`m Lyudmila Ryabkova. I was born in 1973 in Kiev, Ukraine.
I graduated technical college and got second higher economic education. I studied at the privat art studio of Ukrainian professional artist. My works find feedback from people, they are bought, it inspires me very much. My workshop is equipped right in my house and it makes possible to work every day. This is the most beautiful thing that happens to me.