Lukyanov V. M. - “Spring motive”, XX century.

Lukyanov V. M. - “Spring motive”, XX century.
Artist Lukyanov, Viktor Mikhailovich. Dimensions: with frame - 74х75 see the BSSR of the XX century Viktor Lukyanov was born in the Vitebsk region. As a student of art-graphic faculty VSPI them. S. M. Kirov, the young artist participated in exhibitions, and became interested in watercolor. It is the watercolor today can rightly be called his favorite painting technique, which he owns brilliantly.
In the 1970s, he was invited to come to the city Novopolotsk and hold the position of chief artist. At that time, the city's artists and architects worked together. As a result of any project was a synthesis of monumental art and architecture. Victor Mikhailovich worked on the design of public buildings. He and his colleagues made the stained glass Windows in the clinic № 1, panels in the cinema "Minsk", mosaic on the facades of kindergartens and many others. . In 1998, Viktor Mikhailovich was awarded the title of Honorary citizen of the city of Novopolotsk. Decades later, Viktor still lives and works in the city, to which he devoted his creative biography. The fame of the artist crossed many borders. Today, his watercolors are art galleries, museums and private collections of Belarus, Russia, Poland, Italy, Germany, USA and other countries.
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