Maliszewski, A. A. "In-dash" 1974
Artist Maliszewski Algerd A. (1922 - 1989 ). Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 94х99 see Byelorussian SSR, 1974, ALGERD MALISHEVSKIY ADAMOVICH 1922-1989
In 1952 he graduated from the Kharkov art Institute.
Worked in all genres of easel painting.
he Taught at Minsk art school (1953-1981).
Since 1956 in the Belarusian Union of artists.
Since 1977 - Honored artist of Belarus.
the works of A. Maliszewski are in the National art Museum of Belarus, Museum of modern art in Minsk, in the collection of Belarusian Union of artists and Ministry of culture of Russia.
AddressРаритетЪKomsomolskaja, 8220029 MinskByelorussia
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