Mari Kostina. Look

Location:Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Mari Kostina. Look
Gallery of female portraits of the heritage world of art is eternal stolpovoj theme, the overtures which were made in each era-ancient Egypt, antiquity, Renaissance, Baroque, classical, avant-garde.
And presented before us the iconic image is unique, because it contains shades of and responses quite different historical eras and yet is an end in itself a work of contemporary world painting.
In infinite space, Suprematism white color with shimmering oyster and pearl shades, the image, full of femininity of the Baroque and Renaissance character of the sacred.
However, in this portrait, contains something that gives Russian nationality of the author. This genuine Russian spirituality contained in the piercing gaze of a celestial eye of the heroine of the portrait that captivates everyone's heart, whose gaze meets with the outgoing of the canvas and the rays of the icy glow of his eyes reflecting the steadfastness of the Russian character.
Note the unique combination of techniques used by the author: with the help of realistic method solved eyes, eyebrows, expressive red lips; a soft transition to the abstract manner the image is the outline of the oval face: easy watercolor washouts gradually thicken into a dense geometric forms that are so simple to fit into a space the white space and give us the page of Russian avant-garde.
About the artist
Добрый день, меня зовут Мари Костина-Грузинова , я пишу Картины в разных техниках и материалов . Мои работы участвовали в различных выставках, в том числе в Эрмитаже, дом художников и в разных библиотеках. Часть выручки из картин идёт на благотворительность
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