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Avant-garde art, a term borrowed from French military vocabulary meaning "advance guard," has come to denote those artists, works, and movements that represent the forefront of innovation, often radically breaking from tradition and norms in society and culture. The Avant-garde movement is notable for its experimental nature, its embrace of individuality and self-expression, and its critical vision of society. It is characterized by nonconformity, transgression, and a willingness to provoke and challenge the status quo.

The movement's origins date back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when artists like Gustave Courbet began to use their art to push for social and political change. This spirit of rebellion continued with figures like Marcel Duchamp, whose ready-mades, such as "Fountain," questioned the very nature of art. The impact of the avant-garde is enduring, influencing not only art but also design, fashion, music, architecture, and literature, and its legacy continues to inspire contemporary artists to innovate and challenge conventions.

For those interested in the avant-garde, the movement encompasses a variety of styles and periods, including Fauvism with artists like Henri Matisse, Futurism with Giacomo Balla, Dada led by figures such as Marcel Duchamp, Surrealism with Salvador Dalí, and Cubism with Pablo Picasso as one of its founders. These movements have greatly influenced the course of modern art, each with their unique contributions to the development of avant-garde principles.

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Country:America, Europe, USA
Start of the period:1900
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