Master Machinarius. robot Bandito

Location:Ukraine, Khmelnitsky
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Master Machinarius. robot Bandito
#Machinarius robot Bandito
The author's work. The only instance
materials: Leather, metals, glass...
Weight total: 5774 grams
Robot weight: 774 grams
Length: 53 cm
Height: 42 cm
The bike spin the wheel, turns the wheel, presses the levers on the steering wheel,
there is a retractable stand, a mirror with reflection, headlight glow and stop,
When the disk rotates from side motorcycle, actuates the clock mechanism, emits a clicking sound
simulating the operation of the engine.
The robot, partially flexible arms, legs, neck.
Attached to the bike Machinarius corporate seal of red wax.
About the artist
Machinarius It's a dream !
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