Master Machinarius. robot Shtrits

Location:Ukraine, Khmelnitsky
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Master Machinarius. robot Shtrits
#Machinarius robot Shtrits
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Materials: Metals, leather, wood, fabric, glass...
90 height: cm
Robot weight: 5000 gram
The weight of the rifle 333 grams
The rifle operates the shutter and the trigger. In the front position of the shutter, the rifle is loaded in position on the butt, the trigger is blocked.
Butt, handguard and the receiver is made of alder wood, lacquer and natural beeswax.
The robot's eyes glow. You can increase or decrease the diameter of the "pupil" thus, to increase or decrease the light from his eyes.
The robot has a partially flexible arm, hand, fingers, neck. In three positions to open and close the valve on the gas mask.
About the artist
Machinarius It's a dream !
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