Matiushonok E. V. “April day”, 1999

Matiushonok E. V. “April day”, 1999
Artist Matiushonok Eduard Vladimirovich. Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 70х71 see Vileyka, 1999. Matiushonok Eduard Vladimirovich was born on 7 March 1958 in the village of Minuta-2 of the Gluboksky district, Vitebsk region. Childhood is defined by the desire to understand the human soul, the desire to unravel the mysteries of nature.
In 1973, graduated 8-year school.
1979 - 1984 studied at the Vitebsk pedagogical Institute, artistic-graphic faculty.
Since 1984 with a family living and working in Vilejka Minsk region, teaches art appreciation and drawing, directs the Studio.
Since 1986, starting the creative activity. Participates in international, Republican and regional exhibitions.
In 1989 adopted in the Youth Department at the Union of artists of the USSR.
Held more than 15 personal exhibitions in Belarus and abroad.
His works are in private collections in the USA and Germany.
credo: "Every moment, as the Soul, unique. Take care of IT."
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