“Sword of the marine officer Shin-gunto in sheath.”

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Location: Russia, Sant-Petersburg
Sword and Helm
Sword of the marine officer "Shin-gunto" in sheath.
Sword of the marine officer "Shin-gunto" in sheath.

The Empire of Japan. XX century.
The blade is curved, single-edge. The shank is stamped the anchor in the circle. The handle is wrapped with brown tape on top of black fabric. The oval tsuba of blued steel. The metal part of the handle and device sheath made of a copper alloy, gold plated. Steel, copper alloy, wood, fabric. Forging, punching, gilding. Total length: 93,0 cm, blade length: 67,8 cm, width of blade at hilt: 3.9 cm, length of scabbard: 72,0 cm, the width of the mouth of the scabbard: 4.4 cm.
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