“Bear Knife Yegor Samsonov ”

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Bear Knife Yegor Samsonov
Description: a Hunting knife is pretty massive in a wooden scabbard, covered with black leather, the sheath is composed of the mouth and the tip with the image bitmap and vegetable ornament, on the mouth also shows the hunter fighting a bear, and bird tips. Blade steel hanging varieties and excellent hardening, blueing has a traditional form with a single Dol are marked in the manual "MASTER SUPPLIER IMPERATA. COMPANIES HUNTING" and "EGOR SAMSONOV UNTO TUL" and the blade is double-headed eagle on the reverse side caused to hand the medal (the medal depicted the obverse and reverse) and center cut "GOLD 1891" and "HEAD of CA. UNTO MOSKVY"

The handle made of wood with a corrugated surface and metal inserts. The device of the hilt and scabbard of steel, covered with blueing.

Total length: 38 cm

Blade length: 25 cm

Dating: Late XIX century.

An excellent state of preservation.

Confirmation of original unknown. Item is bought from the hands of the collector, to know 100% originality is not possible.
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