Mushegh Grigoryan. "Desert" oil , canvas 160 x 145 cm

Mushegh Grigoryan. "Desert" oil , canvas 160 x 145 cm
The artwork named “Desert” is leaving a lot of space for the spectator to interpret it. It is both mysterious and easy to define, it collides two polarities - peaceful leisure and hopeless surrender.
About the artist
For the art for our difficult and contradictory time the necessity of thinking and serious artist, through the nerves of which passes everything, that is going on in our surrounding, is of high importance. The painter’s intellect more and more often comes to the first plan, determining the form and quality of the work.
Artist Mushegh Grigoryan is just such a type of painter. He has an exceptional ability of an artist, and also the knowledge of life, world, necessary for a thinker. It doesn’t mean that Mushegh Grigoryan creates far-fetched, far from life pictures, just on the contrary, he on the whole, draws from the life.
Studying from his father, a well –known artist Zulum Grigoryan, he has done a step forward in the painting of free compositions, finding a more brave application of the nature.
Mushegh Grigoryan has also his own coloring, successfully creates silver surfaces, in which the artist’s anxious feelings are seen.
Mushegh Grigoryan was born on november 18 , 1960 in Yerevan , Armenia.
Mushegh Grigoryan is member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia since 1988.

2015 Yerevan (Artists’ Union of Armenia )
2003 – 2013 Yerevan (Artists’ Union of Armenia )
2002 Barcelona (Int art Promo)
2002 Tokyo, Art Festival (Int art Promo)
2001 EuroArt, Barcelona
1992 - 1999 Yerevan (Artists’ Union of Armenia )
1990 Switzerland
1987 Yerevan (Artists’ Union of Armenia )
1987 Moscow
1985 Yerevan (Artists’ Union of Armenia )

Personal exhibition
2016 los-Angeles ( Consulate General of the Republic of Armenia in Los Angeles )
2016 Yerevan (UN House Armenia)
2015 Yerevan ( AGBU Charity exhibition )
2008 Yerevan ( Studio/exhibition hall Grigoryan’s )
2004 Paris ( Cite International des Arts)
2003 Vienna, ( Russian culture institute )
1998 Yerevan ( Studio/exhibition hall Grigoryan’s )
1994 Yerevan ( Studio/exhibition hall Grigoryan’s )

“Millennium art guide” (Int art Promo.2003).
Many of his works are placed in private collections.