“Set FEDOR VYRYPAEV 1882-1884”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
Set "FEDOR VYRYPAEV 1882-1884
Cutlery set for one person with enamels “Selfish” (spoon+fork+knife in box)
Cloisonne enamel. The mark 84, mark masters, P. G Stamp on the blade of a knife "FEDOR VYRYPAEV 1882-1884". Knife length 21 cm; fork length 17.5 cm; Length spoons 18 see the "Native" box in the kit. Russian Empire (Russia before 1917)

What is enamel? It is a glassy mass, which is colored with metal oxides in various colors and with special technology applied to the metal surface of the object. The enamel is then ground, polished and transformed to a hard glossy film with a stable color. Depending on the technique of overlaying and fixing of enamels on metal, they wear different names: champlevé enamel, filigree, cloisonne, painted, landscape, irrigation, transparent and opaque.

The most difficult in technical execution of cloisonne enamel.
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