Collage “Havana”, Paper, Collage Postmodern, Portrait, Ukraine, 2020

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Condition: new
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
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Natalia Didenko. Havana
Havana and Cuba are a symbol of brutal men with cigars. This work is inspired by the Cuban image in cinema.

Sent with a black background in a tube
ID: 42146
Artist: Natalia Didenko (b. 1977)
Originality: originality
Year of manufacture: 2020
Applied technique: Collage, Paper cut
Medium: Paper, knife
Size: 30 x 40 x 0.1 cm
Framing: not framed
Style: Postmodern, Surrealism
Genre: Portrait, decorative, жанровая сцена
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Country of origin: Ukraine
Object type: Collage, Paper cut
Theme: black and white, old man, peoplesilhouette, stylized portrait, vytynanka

Information about the artist

Natalia Didenko, born in 1977 (Kyiv, Ukraine).

I work in genres: vytynanka (paper cut), easel and book graphics, sculpture, easel painting.
National Technical University of Ukraine (NTUU, KPI), specialty graphic artist.

2020 - victory in the open-air "Art Alley", an art object (Kyiv, Ukraine). The sculpture is installed on the Borys Hrinchenko street in Kyiv.
2017 - 3rd International DEC Art Residence (Ukraine, village Myhovo, Chernivtsi region). Author's project "New life of old things".
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Personal exhibitions:
2017 - "Masquerade of mannequins. Exit the body ", art objects. Ukraine, Kyiv, Kvadrat shopping mall.
Group exhibitions:
2019 - Fourth Triennial of Book Graphics. Ukraine, Kyiv, House of the Artist.
2019 - "Art Professional", March-September 2019. Ukraine, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Canada, Germany.
2019 - "Art Professional", June-September 2019. Ukraine, USA, Mexico, Canada.
2018 - "A4, ballpoint pen". Kyiv, Karas Gallery.
2017 - "Autumn Witch", publishing house "KM-Books". Ukraine, Kyiv.
2016 - "Travels Mimimichel", publishing house "KM-Books". Ukraine, Kyiv.
2016 - "Magic of Winter", publishing house "KM-Books". Ukraine, Kyiv.
2015 - "Picturesque Winter", publishing house "KM-Books". Ukraine, Kyiv.
2013 - "New Year's Travels", publishing house "KM-Books". Ukraine, Kyiv