Natalia egorova. dream catcher 20x20 cm

Location:Russia, Ivanovo
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Natalia egorova. dream catcher 20x20 cm
All that we draw on the canvas, put all really ispolnyaetsya.Mandala is a complex geometric structure, symbolizing the world order, that is, in fact, it is nothing like model of the Universe. This symbol has come into the world of Eastern religious practices (Buddhism, Hinduism), where was the sacred image of the world of deities. Camo word in translations from Sanskrit means "circle", "disc", "center". It is the circle most often is the basis of the image Mandal. Its outer circle symbolizes the Universe, it is inscribed a square, a square inside another circle — the world of deities.
About the artist
Увлеченно изучаю рисую картины в стиле мандал .Люблю яркие , насыщенные цветами образы узоры , которые уверена приносят радость и счастье . Люблю не обычный стиль .