“Miraculous Image Of The Lord (The Miraculous Mandylion). A branch of the XIX century.”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
"Miraculous Image Of The Lord (The Miraculous Mandylion)". A branch of the XIX century.
Board peretiranie. Sizes: 35,5h30,5 cm Branch, XIX century.

Vernicle is the only icon depicting Jesus as a person, as a person with a face. Other iconic images of Jesus show Him doing some action or provide guidance on Its attributes. Here He sits on the throne (so He Is the King), that he blesses, that He holds a book and points to the words written there. The multiplicity of images of Jesus theologically correct, but it can hide a basic truth of Christianity: salvation comes through the person of Jesus, using Jesus as such and not through some individual's actions or attributes. According to Christian teaching, God sent us His Son as the only way to salvation. He is the beginning and the end, alpha and omega. He saves us by the fact of his eternal presence in the world. We follow him not because of some obligation or reasoning or customs, but because He calls us. We love not for something, but simply for what He is, ie about the same as we are not always explainable by the love of the elect or chosen of our hearts. It is this attitude to Jesus, attitude highly personal and consistent with the image depicted on the SV. Mandoline.

This icon is clearly and strongly expresses the essence of the Christian life – the need for each to establish a personal relationship with God through Jesus. With this icon, Jesus looks at us as any other, aided by overly large and slightly slanted eyes. This Jesus does not look at humanity in General and to a specific audience and expect an equally personal response. To meet His gaze, it is difficult to escape from the relentless thoughts about yourself and your relationship with Him.

Icon-portrait gives a much greater feeling of direct contact than an icon with a narrative content. If the narrative icon conveys the history, the icon-portrait expresses the presence. Icon-portrait does not distract the attention on the clothes, objects or gestures. Jesus here does not bless and does not offer a verbal formula of salvation, for which you can hide. He offers only Himself. He is the Way and Salvation. The rest of the icons – it's about Him, and here He is.
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