“N. Mesdag. Ships in a stormy sea XIX - n. XX centuries.”

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N. Mesdag. "Ships in a stormy sea", XIX - n. XX centuries.
Artist - N. Mesdag (1831 - 1915), category 3 according to Soloviev (859стр.). Oil on wood. Sizes: 49,5х60 see Holland, XIX - n. XX centuries.
Mesdag Hendrik Willem (1831-1915) Dutch painter of seascapes. Born in Groningen. A Graduate Of The Brussels Academy Of Fine Arts. After graduating from the Academy traveled to
Germany, Belgium and the Western coast of France. In 1870 at the Paris salon one of the most prestigious art exhibitions in France, showed his work – “The Breakers of the North Sea” for which he was awarded a gold medal. In 1880 he received a Commission from a Belgian company to write a panorama of Scheveningen, the old town on the North sea coast near the Hague. Through this work the artist is widely known as the author of the panoramic compositions. In 1889, the painter joined the society of arts “Pulchri Studio” in the Hague.
Works of the artist are in many museums and private collections make up.
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