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Location: Russia, Тольятти
Oleg Mayorov
Many centuries until the early twentieth-first, the sky over the North American continent splashed pack amazingly colorful bird, whose ruby-sapphire-emerald plumage long did not give rest to many "aesthetes", ".", "collectors" and other murderers until then, until he was caught the last of them, in order to decorate their Scarecrow someone's dusty stuffed trophies in the Cabinet...
Called Ptah Paloma migratoria – pigeon.
Eighty years after this sad event his multi-colored dream house I named the same name, first, because the house knows how to travel in the owner's will, in an instant, they find themselves there, where will point a fanciful imagination; second, because passenger pigeon does not exist in my house too. And it makes no sense to build it, especially after understand this: the only reliable dwelling for the person – his home, his fortress – his immeasurable, inexhaustible, divine Spirit.


Angelically shining clay
on the Potter's wheel blue.
Brighter variegated feathers of a peacock,
woven meadow on the tablecloth of the grass.
Like a large porous sponge,
the forest impregnated with the sweetness of the syrup
rain glass-bead Cup
under the intricate syncopation,
trills, fractions, Aria, glissando
forever brilliant orchestra.
House in the woods. Radiant veranda
turret with stand for Maestro.
Pigeon resting
on a sloping roof.
With ocean noise Bor sighs
over the meadow-mint-strawberry.
Thoroughly after admiring the lake,
angelically shining clay
under an invisible sculptor's chisel
blooming with peacock feathers,
sculpts the mountains, caves and valleys
building a House, comparing with the sample...
Pigeon drinking water
from the jug affectionate hostess
and looks like the tail lungwort
wasps and bees dancing flocks.
And the tower of a genius-the Maestro
hissed violin lungwort a day
like a peacock, painted brightly,
the mystery of inspiration keeping.
ID: 9523
Artist: Oleg Mayorov (b. 1966)
Year of manufacture: 2000
Size: 48 x 60 cm

Information about the artist

Стараюсь делать живые вещи для живой души, время от времени вдохновляя себя, бренного строителя песочных замков у кромки прибоя, великой мудростью Уильяма Блейка: "Eternity is in love with the productions of time".