Oleg Mayorov. Three Angels

Location:Russia, Tolyatti
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Oleg Mayorov. Three Angels
Three angels - Tea Clipper Albatross and cloud the Archangel Gabriel with a trumpet symbolize the triumph of spirituality and gravitas which removed a simple linguistic operation - highlighting the root word. The root of the suffering of the word "spirituality" is "spirit." Not an artistic image, not a Theosophical term and not slang former "Afghans" is a real living energy, which must be identified, recognized and popular man if his evolution in this Universe at least a little interested...
About the artist
Стараюсь делать живые вещи для живой души, время от времени вдохновляя себя, бренного строителя песочных замков у кромки прибоя, великой мудростью Уильяма Блейка: "Eternity is in love with the productions of time".
  • 26.05.2018 "Индийский чай с русскими пряниками", Краевой центральный выставочный зал Краснодара, Россия, г. Краснодар