Ozerov G. F. Picture 1-I half of XX century

Ozerov G. F. Picture 1-I half of XX century
Artist - lake George F. (4V). Oil on wood. Dimensions: with frame - 20x12, see Russia, 1st half of XX century. A rating of 4B, a directory of UNITED ART RATING, Issue XI (1/2006),Moscow,2006
4V (from the section "DESCRIPTION of RATING CATEGORIES") - an established professional artist.
In ranking of artists selected topic - Russian art rating (United rating of artists of Russian Empire, USSR, "Russian abroad", the Russian Federation and republics of the former Soviet Union).
In accordance with the stated principles, the artists are divided into categories "A" and "b". The artist the artist category "A" (indicated by the first letter of the word "vanguard") mainly focuses on the latest trends in the visual arts; the artist's category "b" (indicated by the first letter of the word "popular") oriented to tradition, to work in accordance with the state and social order. In each category there are levels from 1 (the top of recognition and fame; refers to deceased artists classics, whose works have held a place in the museums) to 10 (artist-student).
Rating includes artists of the two-dimensional space (painters, graphic, poster artist, theatre artists, Battiston, illustrators, animators, etc.) and artists in three-dimensional space (sculptors, jewelers, ceramists, porcelain, authors of installations etc.).
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