“Mural-engraving on metal Zlatoust 1991”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
Mural-engraving on metal "Zlatoust", 1991
The monogram "V. T." Steel, engraving, etching, bluing, Nickel plating, gilding. Dimensions: unframed - 12х32,5 cm; 22х43,5 cm with frame and Passepartout. Russia, 1991

Zlatoust steel engraving began in 1816 - 1817. The art of the Zlatoust has absorbed the rich traditions of Russian and West European arms of the XVII-XVIII centuries, but soon the Ural engravers created their own unique style.

In the late 1830-ies the factory begin to decorate household appliances, various boxes, chests, trays. In the second half of the XIX century the range of products expanding, and be adorned with Cutlery, knives for cutting paper, sigaretnyy, cigarette cases, hunting knives and hatchets.Today, along with a gift of weapons, the factory produces the prizes, decorative Souvenirs, wall panels, similar in artistic decision to easel painting.
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