“ P. G. Boyars Romanovs 1913”

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P. G. Boyars Romanovs 1913
Book Vasenko P. G. Boyars Romanovs and the reign of Mikhail Fedorovich. 1913

[Vasenko P. G.] the Boyars Romanovs and the reign of Mikhail Fedorovich. The publication Committee for the organization of the celebration of the tercentenary of the reign of the Romanov dynasty. St. Petersburg: State typography, 1913. 225, XIII PP., illustrated, 20 L. color illustrations. In publishing the packaging. Intros, endings and letters L. E. Dmitriev-Kavkazsky. 23х32 see Coated paper, stylized intros, endings and letters of the famous artist L. G. Dmitriev-Kavkazsky (1849-1916), heliogravures of Association of R. Golik and A. Vilborg. After 1917 a large part of the edition was destroyed
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