Rare big figure "Taster" author Emile Picault

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Emile Picault. Rare big figure "Taster" author Emile Picault
Rare big figure "Degustator" author Emile Picault.

Emile Louis Picol (FR. Émile Louis Picault, * 24 Aug 1833 in Paris; † 24 Aug 1915, Paris) French sculptor and medallist, a representative of symbolism in art. Author of works on historical subjects.

Emile Louis Pikoli was a student of artist-academician, Professor of painting Henri Royer. Worked on metal, his sculptures created in bronze. In 1863 and 1914 were constantly exhibited at the Paris salon. The works of the sculptor enjoyed great success in the late XIX — early XX centuries. Their work master signaal "E. Picault".

Among the works of E. L. Picola should be called the statue of Joan of Arc, of Ambroise pare, Nicolas Flamel, Voltaire, and characters of some literary works — Macbeth, hero of the Spanish national epic — Sid Campeador and others. In 1882, Foy was a monument to the figure of the French revolution and teacher Joseph Lakanal. A number of works by the sculptor dedicated to the heroes of Greek mythology: Bellerophon (1906), "Perseus rescues Andromeda" (1880), "tantalising" (1867), "Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream" (medal, 1886), Jason (1879), Prometheus 1894) and others.

Quite rare greeters bronze composition.

Height: 70 cm
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