“Silver box Chest”

$ 2 000
Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
Silver box Chest
Silver jewelry box Chest made in the technique of openwork filigree (filigree) No. 53
Silver 875 samples, gilding. The mark 88, monogram IR, monogram AG (A. F. Golovin, the Moscow silversmith). Russia (Moscow),1880.
Filigree (Russian — filigree, eng. filigree) is an openwork or soldered on the metal pattern wire. The word "filigree" shows the essence of manufacture: Latin filum "thread" and granum "grain" and the Russian "filigree" from the ancient Russian "scat"(twist, make a bitch).

Filigree is brazed, delicate and voluminous. In openwork filigree the metal base is there: a wire pattern is soldered by itself, and the granulation is attached directly on the metal lace.

Filigree (skanna) technique (filigree,filigree) is highly valued in jewelry.
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