Sergei Zabelin. The picture of the "Mushroom season"

Location:Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
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Sergei Zabelin. The picture of the "Mushroom season"
I have always loved autumn. But autumn is young, early, gold, scarlet, often Sunny and not dying, it would seem, even eternal. But time goes by she's slowly dying, the trees showering its beautiful leaves and they are lying on the earth withered, dark brown and even almost black. Autumn is getting late. Night and morning always be vague and not too attractive. Nature turn gray and fall asleep. Green be only some bushes, some where the grass. Autumn is dull and the smell is already fading and decay. All nature dies and fades...
About the artist
Военный. Подполковник. "Афганец". В 33 года служил на Дальнем Востоке. Возраст Иисуса Христа и ничего не сделано для вечности... Решил попробовать себя в масле, пошел в детскую художественную школу к преподавателю. Научился разводить краски и т.д. и т. п. Ну, вот как-то так. Пишу уже 35 лет. Сейчас мне 68.
  • 00.00. , II-й Международный Фестиваль народного творчества СССР 1987г., ВДНХ СССР, ЦДХ г. Москва