Sergei Zorov. "The walking mountain"

Location:Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Sergei Zorov. "The walking mountain"
Sergey Zorov
"The walking mountain" H. M. 2009.
The picture will adorn the interior of Your home.
What is creativity? What motivates the artist in his moments of inspiration? There are many reasons to paint a picture. Creativity is in every man.
You see a beautiful landscape, you stay in your heart with delight. Painted landscape, portrait, or made sketches. Took the camera and took the pictures, 1, 20, 30. All the delight you have in your pocket. Come home, open the photos or sketches, and You can see normal pictures, normal landscape. With this situation, I am sure, faced by many. Below the photograph or the painting remained at the level of beauty seen, they still need to work on. You need to invest in painting, but also the soul or I would say so soulful delight, who needs to see the audience.
To the question what motivates the artist in his moments of inspiration? I would have said so. An artist is driven by this enthusiasm, This feeling is not unique, the enthusiasm is different, but the inspiration always implies the presence of excitement, which he puts into his painting. The painting in turn will tell you about this feeling.
About the artist
Работа над картинами, над портретами, сюжетными полотнами, и скульптурой неустанно проходящая прямой линией через всю жизнь художника, является основной целью жизни художника.
«Огненное солнце, раскалённые пески, голубые миражи» – это всё в сердце художника, это и есть то место, где родилась мечта. Не потерять мечту в течении жизни, сохранить то лучшее, что дала человеку природа от рождения и донести это до людей задача художника
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